Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Like Vintage Postcards

Well, it’s been an amazingly busy fortnight but have finally got around to continuing with my blog.

The following pictures are from my dolls house series and I hope to use them as designs on fabric for some of my lamps and also as huge hand tinted prints.

The lighting has been a bit tricky inside such a small dark space. But with the use of several flash guns and directional lights,we finally got there.

I’m so happy with the results and love this little set of dolls. I bought them on e-bay as a set, previously loved by one other since the 1950’s. They’re now mine to cherish. Their clothes are original and I think they’re just so charming! Some of my friends think they are a bit scary but they are not! Strangely, I’m not a massive doll addict, it’s only some dolls I like, They have to have a certain charm and some really are scary!!

Two of the photos show before and after manipulation. I played around on photoshop with colours and filters to achieve this look. My goal is to give the feel of an old hand tinted postcard. I have been collecting these for many years and love the soft colours and Sense of nostalgia. The result is good , but I feel I would like to achieve it with hand tinting on top of a sepia print, instead of everything being done electronically. Have sent one off to get printed so that I can check that the grain is not too big when it’s blown up, but hopefully the resolution will be fine.

Will do another shoot on the dolls house when I’ve bought more vintage items as I can create more narratives with more props. A tea set might be nice to begin with!

It’s been a really busy week meeting up with more people to feature on our boboho site and making valuable contacts around the globe, but it’s also been very rewarding.

I still managed to recycle some vintage magazines and books this week Into brooches and bowls for my summer Gallery, will photograph soon so you can see them.