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Blast from the past!

Hello and welcome to my revised Blog.
Its been quite some time now since Ive blogged and quite a lot has changed for me during that time.
I'm still a practising Artist, and I live in lovely Rye on the South coast of England with my son Indigo.
I paint mainly and run workshops from my home studio.

Heres my latest commission.

Saturday 24 March 2012

Home Store Hastings - A Marvellous Store

A marvellous and intriguing new store has opened in the old town district of Hastings.

As I'm currently living in the area I was delighted to have a look around and chat to the owner Alastair Hendy, who obligingly let me take some interior shots.

He is well known in the area, and has always had connections to Hastings as his Grand Parents used to live here. He explained that this area has always felt like home to him.
Alastair is a well established photographer, food writer and stylist and regularly contributes to journals such as Marie claire, Olive, Saturday Telegraph and the mail on Sunday. He is also a style and food consultant for M&S and Sainsburys.

I felt quite privileged to have this opportunity to write about this latest project of his which he has been planning and collecting for, for about six years.

The concept is essentially a hardware store delivered with style, and attention to detail. Like a bygone department store on a small scale; selling beautifully crafted brushes, kitchen ware, sanitary ware, textiles and vintage pieces. Alastair explains that it reflects a conscious return to old values; values that he's always had.

The products have a utilitarian feel, and simplistic beauty. Alastair feels that in times of austerity people are wanting to choose their purchases more carefully; something useful and decorative, that has quality and will last.

I was very pleased that the majority of Alastair's suppliers are in the UK, with a small amount from Germany. They are sourced with ecology in mind and are well made from natural resources such as boar hair and sustainable woods. I particularly like the mushroom brush, surely everyone needs one of those.

If you are an avid collector of well known vintage crockery such as green Beryl Ware or need to replace some broken pieces, this is the place to come as Alastair has a huge range of pieces in excellent condition.

He is still on the look out for a good string supplier and would like to stock an even greater selection of quality scissors than he already has. The current range made from Sheffield steel, includes even candlewick snippers and Tailors shears, amongst others.

The bones of the building are quite beautiful, from panelling to peeling walls and woodwork, all of which give the impression that they have always been there. However, I was astonished to hear that this was not so. Alastair had to source some of the backdrop from London and salvage places elsewhere. The building did have some of the desired 'look' but the enhancement of this is down to Alastair's creative abilities and meticulous attention to detail, all of which are testament to his vision and passion for his concept.

There is something here for everyone ; Alastair confirms that he has a broad customer base from London professionals to Local pensioners and his fan base is likely to get bigger, with plans in place for an on-line shop and the addition of a cafe serving sea food and local produce. The visit for me was a real experience.
I asked if he intended to role out this concept in other towns and he confirmed that he would like a Home Store London....watch this space.

Sunday 18 March 2012

Tinker Tailor - recycled design

Fresh from their debut in Selfridges “Bright Young Things' exhibition, where they re-created their studio space in the window, is design duo Tinker Tailor AKA Katy Gray Rosewarne and Adam Towner.

Now here is a couple after my own heart, as they too specialize in recyling and the re-working of old materials. From a discarded camera to a derelict building, these two can create exciting new products and spaces from virtually anything.

Here are two of their latest designs, The Handi light, and Vinyl Cake Stand.

Finally someone who can make good use of those old records.

Also take a look at their latest Interior project '£500 house.' They set themselves a budget of just £500 to create a stylish interior for this building...now thats creative recycling. More pictures on their site.

Tinker Tailors range of products lights and soft furnishings are available at The Dead dolls club London, which also houses creative studios, or via their website at www.thedeaddollsclub.com

Monday 19 December 2011

Artist Interior on Boboho

New home featured on Boboho.

After a period of being unable to continue blogging, due to other commitments, I am now back with a new post and aim to update at least every 2-4 weeks, time allowing.
Quirky Dolly Stopper
Some time ago now, we visited the home of sculptor Zoe Rubens, who’s work I featured here in a previous post. She is such a great character and has wonderful and unique sculpture and printmaking.
We did a photo shoot of Zoe’s lovely home, which can now be seen on our Interiors site at boboho.com.

Here is a taster of what is to come.
Living Room with Chandelier 
Window Hangings
Sculpture by Zoe Rubens
Sculpture by Zoe Rubens
Read more about Zoe and see the 360 panoramic images of her House on boboho.com

Monday 27 September 2010

Brigthon Art Fair

Finally getting back to a normal routine after my move to the UK. After 5 months, have found suitable child care at a Steiner school for my son Indigo, so should have a little more time now to do more regular updates.

Last week was Brighton Art Fair and I went along to check it out as a possible venue to exhibit my own painting next year. I was really impressed with the standard of the exhibitors and a few stood out from the crowd.

One of those was Steve McPherson, a multi talented Artist who was exhibiting his Artworks ‘Marine Plastic”

Steve has collected objects from beaches around the Kent coast for 15yrs, which he collates by type and colour. Some of these then make their way into his unique and very attractive assemblages.

Some are grouped by type such as these tags. Others, a mixture of interesting beach finds.

This was one of my favourites, small pieces of Dymo labels with intriguing messages in crinkled sea washed plastic, probably washed up from many vessels

I was blown away by Steve’s work, of course there are other Artists working with toys and plastics but not in the same way, or with such attention to detail, his work really stands out.

See more Marine Plastics and Steve’s other work here, including photography, 2D and 3D Artworks and Book works. He also has a great blog, which includes a feature in the Brighton and Hove magazine, Latest7.