Sunday, 1 February 2009

Redesigned and reinvented

The following are lamps I’ve made using previously loved materials. The first was a satin peach coloured Danish lamp from the 40s or 50s. I stripped it completely down and reinvented it.

The see through panels look a bit like net but they are in fact ‘scrim”, a tough material used to clean printmaking plates. I like the contrast between the vintage fabrics and the illustrations and photographic additions, think I might develop this idea further in other works.

I have a small collection of previously loved toys which I’ve rescued over the years, some of which I’m using now in smaller works. The next two lamps have been developed from this collection. The shades are completely handstiched to the point of repetitive strain injury on my thumb! but entirely worth it!

I love the yellow pony, bought on a trip to my favourite town Brighton. I’m thinking of adding a knitted yellow fringe to this one, must scour some charity shops for second hand wool.

The shade for both lamps was made from an old Canadian quilt, the colours are just beautiful and the patterns have a wonderful naivety about them.

These lantern lights used to hang in my sons room when he was little! He’s now 23!

I’ve customised and adapted them using ephemera, French sugar papers, and serviettes. The lights are not as bright now but very atmospheric, which I like. They really took ages to do!

I’ll be continuing this week with my photography of the dolls house and will post later this week. Until then, please take a look at the blog, Hens Teeth, discovered recently with the realisation that it is written by and old friend of mine.
She makes the most beautiful things from old scraps of vintage everything and stitches them with skill and love. She also has a link to her Etsy shop for all purchases.