Sunday, 18 March 2012

Tinker Tailor - recycled design

Fresh from their debut in Selfridges “Bright Young Things' exhibition, where they re-created their studio space in the window, is design duo Tinker Tailor AKA Katy Gray Rosewarne and Adam Towner.

Now here is a couple after my own heart, as they too specialize in recyling and the re-working of old materials. From a discarded camera to a derelict building, these two can create exciting new products and spaces from virtually anything.

Here are two of their latest designs, The Handi light, and Vinyl Cake Stand.

Finally someone who can make good use of those old records.

Also take a look at their latest Interior project '£500 house.' They set themselves a budget of just £500 to create a stylish interior for this thats creative recycling. More pictures on their site.

Tinker Tailors range of products lights and soft furnishings are available at The Dead dolls club London, which also houses creative studios, or via their website at