Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Relocation, relocation

Thank you, thank you to those of you who haven’t deleted me during my last 3 months without blogging. Moving country is a stressful business!

Finally getting settled after moving twice in 10 weeks. My new apartment is looking better after a quick revamp, and I’ve purchased a couple of new editions to the living room décor, not perhaps everyone’s taste but I love them!

After my lovely shabby chic farm in Denmark I’ve gone for a more grown up and glamorous look. Here’s a couple of pictures.

Think the old coffee table will have to go, doesn’t look good with the new stuff! Looking for a mirrored one if anyone’s seem one.

Started work on a new body of mixed media paintings, these ones are not finished but nearly there

For those of you in and around London in the next couple of weeks, head out to ‘Craft Central’, 33-35 St Johns Square, London, EC1 4DS, where there is an exhibition of emerging new talent such as Laura Felicity who produces beautiful decorative products such as this silkscreen printed wallpaper. See her at http://www.laurafelicity.co.uk/

For more info and a peak at other exibitors such as “Undergrowth design” see www.craftcentral.org.uk