Sunday 25 October 2009

So Many Gorgeous Rooms

Finally made it back to my computer in time to blog this week!

It’s been a bit mad since I got back from my holidays, trying to catch up with everything. Isn’t it always like that? Still I had a great time in the UK, which involved a bit of work for my Interiors site, as well as pleasure. See over the next few weeks for three new and amazingly different homes.

Here’s a sneak peak

Moving to the city

Once we have a buyer for our home here, we hope to re-locate back to the UK or to a Danish city.

All this has got me thinking about new and glamorous surroundings. My home here is a lovely farmhouse so the laid back ‘shabby style’ that I have is perfectly suited to this type of building, which is just as well because most of my peeling paint furniture, from flea markets, or salvaged elsewhere, is looking very worn by now, but I still love it.

We may keep a small wooden summer house here in DK where all the stuff I currently have, will look great.

Regency apartment

In the city however, I’m fancying myself in a period apartment, Regency preferably or something Victorian with large bay windows, and splendid proportions. This would do:

copyright: Abigaile Ahern

Or this one:

And I love this:
When I do get one………….I’ll have wallpaper, screen printed on sustainable paper, like this gorgeous design from Emma Molony:

Or this design classic from Florence Broadhurst, called ‘The Cranes’:

Or this from design duo extraordinaire Timorous Beasties:

So many lovely possibilities! Can’t wait! Think I’m dreaming a tad, since my bank balance doesn’t exactly match my desires!!! Especially with the Florence Broadhurst, but hey, a girl’s allowed to dream! Anyone got a panel left over? ☺

Check these out

Since I got back, I’m loving the new blogs by Hyggelig Happy, and Amystitch and these gorgeous knitted items by designer Claire Platt, take a look.

O’h and a sneak peak of my new brooch designs.


  1. I am looking forward to reading about more inspiring homes at boboho! And I tried to convince the person I am sharing the kitchentable and the sofa with, to move into a tiny circus caravan after I had seen the beautiful images on your website.

    Well, after a short discussion the two of us thought that both our Berlin flat as the little Swedish farmhouse are okay right now and that we would have a problem fitting in all the synthesisers and sewing machines. So these plans have to wait a little ;-)

  2. welcome back , as always beautiful stuff there, and your new brooches are really lovely i just love that little character on the right , that little beauty that is in your banner photo and how i visualise you!!
    you are going to have so much fun decorating a new space, good luck with the hunt..

  3. Hey you! Good to read a Boboho post again. Well there is certainly plenty to think about. So many gorgeous thoughts/ideas/wishes/dreams...I hope they all come true and soon.
    The brooches are, love, love! x

  4. Great to have you back, with lots to show by the sound of things! Love your new brooches. Lucky you going back to England...

  5. welcome back to blogging land my friend, im loving your new brooches. wow, can't wait to see the new homes! love the wall paper idea for when you move and don't forget timorous beasties are right here in glasgow! xxx

  6. It's funny to read your blog as I can hear you at the same time...I know I spend too much time on my own, love the first interiors, look forward to seeing who lives here...! lovely to have you back in the DK even though you dream of elsewhere missus xx

  7. I love your whimsical brooches!
    Do you sell your stuff?
    Kindest regards

  8. Than you everyone who's commented and welcomed me back :)
    I'm really pleased you like my brooches.
    Rebecka, thank you for asking, I have made them for a selling exhibition here in Denmark but if you or anyone else who follows my blog, is interested in one, the price would be around 250 Danish Kroner, approx.$50 or happy to send some for exhibitions else where.
    Tracy x

  9. Gorgeous interiors and I too adore your little brooches!!

  10. lot"s of great plans
    miss you , so where are you now

  11. Hi Tracy!!
    Long time no see!
    Hope you are alright !!:)

  12. This are great!! I really like them...I am flying home on Thursday, I so much need a holiday...Just to wish u a very good Xmas with your family and a good 2010!! I hope I get some fresh energy to carry on next year, I am exhausted.

  13. oooh yes!! those are cute... great colours...



  14. I just discovered your blog and Boboho web site and I'm loving it. I'm having so much fun exploring all the links. You have a great eye for homes with beautifully repurposed and vintage items. And you're such a talented artist as well. So glad I found you. I'm becoming a follower and I hope you don't mind but I wrote a post about you, with links, on my blog today. Please let me know if you would rather I not post your photos and I will remove them. A warm hello from California.

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