Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Large Luscious Woolly Pom-poms

Calling all crafters and skilled creative people everywhere, please be part of my flickr friend Elvis Robertson’s pom-pom project.

For those of you who haven’t seen it on-line, this is a wonderful collaborative project which aims to bring together the International craft community and show what they can do by creating ‘blossom’ in the Autumn. Elvis will hang the pom-poms in the trees in Lower Gardens park area in Bournemouth, once the leaves have fell from the trees.

Having been part of various collaborative ‘art happenings’ or events myself, when I lived in the UK, it feels great to once again be part of a wonderfully worth while project.

It gives you a great feeling to be involved with the community and contribute towards something as visual and fun as this, and the pom-poms are not difficult to make. Here are some pictures from people already part of the group.

Elvis has set up a pom pom blog and flickr site specially for this purpose where you can see more images and find out more about the project, including a short tutorial on how to make the pom-poms. They are easy to make and very satisfying to ‘play with’ once finished as they are so soft and woolly! Even if you can only find the time to make one, that’s fine.

For me, an added bonus of this project is that you can recycle your left over wool or wool found in charity shops, boot sales etc…

Elvis herself, is an active and enthusiastic recycler. As an establishes Textile Artist, she only uses vintage materials in her work and has exhibited at liberty London, and Browns. Pom-poms are very much part of her own work where she uses them to finish and embellish her beautiful memory quilts. See below

She has a great personal blog which features not only her work and her memories but also the art and design of other great Artists.

Her flickr site shows more great pictures including some of her stunning home. Elvis’s work has a wonderful nostalgia about it and her choice of colours and fabrics are so well put together. She works under her label ‘Lovely’ and in addition to her memory quilts; she makes beautiful wall and window pieces, to commission.

Her work is concerned with memory, gaps in memory, intimacy, community and humility. Lets all work together to make Elvis’s Pom-pom event as spectacular as possible.

Before I end this post, I just wanted to say apologies for the wait, I am 3-4 weeks behind with my blog my website and my artwork, due to a severe eye infection!!!

I am now up and running again and will endeavour to finish my two new lamps so I can document them on here next week.
I would also like to thank and welcome any newcomers for joining my blog, and those that continue to support it :-)


  1. you poor thing i hope your eye gets better soon.
    that was a great post and what a great idea. i'll do it

  2. Thank you so much lucyslounge, we need more people with that kind of spirit. Just joined your blog, must have missed it before, it's great!

  3. Love how colorful this post is! I hope your eye gets better soon! And thank you very much for the sweet comment on my blog! Your prayers are appreciated!

  4. Count us in! My daughters love to make pom-poms and they will be just as excited as me about this lovely project. I love your blog, and I do so hope you are feeling better soon! That eye looks terribly uncomfortable!

  5. Really good you´re back!
    Pom-poms, why not?

  6. ouch! that looks really sore, hope its better now, you were missed in blogland but you've made up for it with that post, elvis's work is just amazing and i love her blog, where do you find such good stuff?
    i use to love making pom poms when i was a child, so this is going to be fun, i'm in.

  7. finally your back! hope your eye gets better soon.

    what a great project. making pompoms reminds me of when i was a little girl.

    ...and i like your friends name ;-)

  8. OH! I am so happy you are back. We missed you. Sending warm healing thoughts your way!

  9. Omg! You poor thing, that looks so sore!
    It's good to see you back and blogging again.....hope the eye(s) get completely better immediately!

    as for Elvis' stuff....beautiful quilts and I love the pom pom idea.....I've been to her blog and can see that I now have another to visit regularly....thanks.

    get properly well,
    Nicki x

  10. Hi, sorry to hear that you have not been well recently! I am also in bed with flu this week-end.... This is such a great idea, thanks for this tip and links.. I'll most defenitevely join this group - it sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to network! Stunning work from Elvis too, so... so lovely! Great that you are back !
    Take care

  11. Oh Tracy, now I see just how bad your eye has been, oouch oouch my friend. I am glad you are soooo much better now. I joined Elvis's pom pom pool ages ago. I love the idea! I have not yet made any though as I don't have the wool colours in my stash. Time to go charity shop hunting for it I think! Fab to see back on your blog again! Kim x

  12. Tracy - Ouch! That eye is so sore. Hope you're getting better.
    Thank you so much for this great post, how kind of you. And thank you to everyone for encouraging words about my work and the pom-pom project. Pom-poms are universally adorable (I personally like to give them a little cuddle), so I hope they bring a smile.. the idea of so many people from different cultures and backgrounds making them and coming together to create the project is very beautiful. Thank you to anyone who is kind enough to participate! x

  13. oooh ouch! Hope you get better and feel well! What a great project! xo

  14. I'm already a part of the pom-pom project and I'm really looking forward to seeing the trees blossom with pom-poms this autumn! your blog is very inspiring, I found lots of links to artists I must check up, thanks. hope your eye is better now!

  15. for all that is holy!! that is making MY eyes water. get thee some eyebright tea and brew that shit up, let it cool then dip a cotton ball in there and squeeze into the eye!!! you'll be right in no time. trust.
    sorry about that btw. it looks pretty painful.

  16. Thanks everyone for the enthusiasm for the pom-pom project, I'll be posting some on here next week that I've made.
    Also, thanks so much for the eye sympathy! it really has been gross but both eyes are now much better, just a few problems with them watering constantly but all the yuck has now gone and I can see again! great.

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