Monday, 27 September 2010

Brigthon Art Fair

Finally getting back to a normal routine after my move to the UK. After 5 months, have found suitable child care at a Steiner school for my son Indigo, so should have a little more time now to do more regular updates.

Last week was Brighton Art Fair and I went along to check it out as a possible venue to exhibit my own painting next year. I was really impressed with the standard of the exhibitors and a few stood out from the crowd.

One of those was Steve McPherson, a multi talented Artist who was exhibiting his Artworks ‘Marine Plastic”

Steve has collected objects from beaches around the Kent coast for 15yrs, which he collates by type and colour. Some of these then make their way into his unique and very attractive assemblages.

Some are grouped by type such as these tags. Others, a mixture of interesting beach finds.

This was one of my favourites, small pieces of Dymo labels with intriguing messages in crinkled sea washed plastic, probably washed up from many vessels

I was blown away by Steve’s work, of course there are other Artists working with toys and plastics but not in the same way, or with such attention to detail, his work really stands out.

See more Marine Plastics and Steve’s other work here, including photography, 2D and 3D Artworks and Book works. He also has a great blog, which includes a feature in the Brighton and Hove magazine, Latest7.


  1. A'h thanks Viv! Nice to know someone missed me :)
    How's it going with your lovely new shop?

  2. Love that bottom picture in particular. welcome back!

  3. Hey up lass, lovely to see you Jesp and Indi last week...what a long lad he's growing up to be! loved your hair by the way never had chance to say! Looking forward to reading and seeing what you discover in Brighton xx hugs to Indigo xx
    Exciting work you've posted.. looking forward to more...

  4. Hello,
    Great to see you are thinking of exhibiting at Brighton, I love Steve's work too.

  5. Hi, so you´re back on blog-track, too!! I would have loved to go with you to the fair, looks amazing! We go next year when you exhibit there!

    Have you seen on your fb that we´ve booked flights and hotel? Looking soooo much forward to it!!

    Call you tonight, bye Kirsten

  6. Hi..
    Steve's work is amazing....I love it!
    I'd also love to take you up on the tea and cake idea with Emma...and I need the details of your miracle upholsterer!

  7. What a great idea on how to re-cycle beach finds, a great work of art.

  8. I have never been to this fair, and never made it Brighton in Summer, I am really bad!! How are things? getting things done?? I would love to see what are doing next.

  9. So cool!! Makes me think about an installation called "The Garbage man" by Ilya Kabakovs. If you ever travel to Norway you should definately see his work in the museum of modern art (Museet for Samtidskunst) in Oslo.

    Have a great day!


  10. Hello Tracy,
    Just to let you know that someone ash bought a product from my shop, using the 105 discount code that I offer on your site, the tote bag is going to the States!!

    Are you coming to London at any Xmas fairs at all???

  11. I have been to Brighton art fair and have always come away inspired to create more loveliness! Glad to hear you are settling into to life in the UK <3

  12. Hi Tracy!!!!!!!!!
    Merry Christmas!!
    Marce :)

  13. Love the tag collection! Very cool! Keep up the good post!
    Sherman Unkefer

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  15. I love the whole concept of Steve's work...I will go there now and check out his site. I have stumbled and rumbled into your blog....great way to enjoy the morning.

  16. i wrote to him telling him how m uch i loved his work, and he said, tell me your address and i'll send you a little something. i can't wait!!! xx

  17. Wow its look like amazing fair, I really glad to know about that, I love that plastics items.
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  18. When Created into a work of Art, even the most simple objects can have such appeal, I like Steve's Assemblages! Now I may consider saving my bread bag closure tags for more than just when the G-Kids & Son lose the ones on the bags being used! *winks* Who knew they came in so many amazing colors!?

    Glad to hear you're settled in to your new Home and I Love your Son's Name!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  19. When I was a kid I used to collect all sort of weird floated to shore things. Allot of plastic! and bread ties. Sun and sea salt tends to warp and stain things. Great art, I would be standing looking at them for a long time. I can see why you really liked them.
    GREAT BLOG!! I just found you and now following.

    :-} Lorraine