Sunday, 15 March 2009

Polkadots and Fairytales

Thought it would be fun to feature one of my favourite shops for inspiration.

It is called De Sprookjeskamer and is in Amsterdam. It was discovered by my good friend Amy whilst on a trip there. It is the stuff of dreams and is crammed full of the most delightful things! See:

Started in the year 2000 by two sisters, Caroline de Groot and Ingrid Korteknie, they are passionate about POLKADOTS and FAIRYTALES. The range covers everything from homewares and fabrics to children’s products and clothes. Myself, I love the dotty shoes, the fairytale lamps, the cuckoo clocks and everything Red Riding hood!

You can order on-line too, to anywhere. Here’s some stuff they’re sending to Datcha in Moscow.

Thanks for catching up with me this week a welcome to all those new followers who’ve just discovered my little blog.


  1. wow! that place looks like they have such interesting and great stuff!

  2. Oh my god!
    What perfect pictures to wake me up...the shop looks fantastic! Thanks for the link....I'm off to have a look...........
    nicki x

  3. What a gorgeous shop, no wonder it's one of your favs.

  4. Love polkadots! Thanks for introducing me to an inspiering shop ;)

  5. I've been to Amsterdam many times, and never seen this place! I guess it's another reason to go back! What wonderful items for sale!

  6. I'm not sure where I first saw your work and now your blog but I love it all. I showed some of your images on my blog today. I'm having difficulty leaving comment on your blog (because your blog doesn't allow me to leave a name and url) so I will leave my address here:

    Corine @ hidden in france

  7. hi kirsten,
    jen from madebygirl featured you on her blog a few days ago and i was wondering where you got the amazing print/painting that is on your wall above the sofa? (it is the first photo in this post

    thanks so much and my blog is or for you to reply
    or via email at

  8. Are we living in a kind of parallel universe?
    Is our similarities just wishful thinking on my part?
    I really love your work.

  9. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments, I'm really happy that you like my blog.I will get around to taking a better look at some of your blogs that I haven't explored yet,later in the week.