Monday, 27 September 2010

Brigthon Art Fair

Finally getting back to a normal routine after my move to the UK. After 5 months, have found suitable child care at a Steiner school for my son Indigo, so should have a little more time now to do more regular updates.

Last week was Brighton Art Fair and I went along to check it out as a possible venue to exhibit my own painting next year. I was really impressed with the standard of the exhibitors and a few stood out from the crowd.

One of those was Steve McPherson, a multi talented Artist who was exhibiting his Artworks ‘Marine Plastic”

Steve has collected objects from beaches around the Kent coast for 15yrs, which he collates by type and colour. Some of these then make their way into his unique and very attractive assemblages.

Some are grouped by type such as these tags. Others, a mixture of interesting beach finds.

This was one of my favourites, small pieces of Dymo labels with intriguing messages in crinkled sea washed plastic, probably washed up from many vessels

I was blown away by Steve’s work, of course there are other Artists working with toys and plastics but not in the same way, or with such attention to detail, his work really stands out.

See more Marine Plastics and Steve’s other work here, including photography, 2D and 3D Artworks and Book works. He also has a great blog, which includes a feature in the Brighton and Hove magazine, Latest7.

Monday, 21 June 2010

New featured home on

Here is a small taster of the lovely Shella's house, coming soon.

...this turn of the century house was a different experience, for the exterior, smart and unassuming, gave no clue to the hidden delights beyond those walls...

Read the rest and see all the images including the 360 degree tour, in the next couple of weeks at my interiors site:

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Relocation, relocation

Thank you, thank you to those of you who haven’t deleted me during my last 3 months without blogging. Moving country is a stressful business!

Finally getting settled after moving twice in 10 weeks. My new apartment is looking better after a quick revamp, and I’ve purchased a couple of new editions to the living room décor, not perhaps everyone’s taste but I love them!

After my lovely shabby chic farm in Denmark I’ve gone for a more grown up and glamorous look. Here’s a couple of pictures.

Think the old coffee table will have to go, doesn’t look good with the new stuff! Looking for a mirrored one if anyone’s seem one.

Started work on a new body of mixed media paintings, these ones are not finished but nearly there

For those of you in and around London in the next couple of weeks, head out to ‘Craft Central’, 33-35 St Johns Square, London, EC1 4DS, where there is an exhibition of emerging new talent such as Laura Felicity who produces beautiful decorative products such as this silkscreen printed wallpaper. See her at

For more info and a peak at other exibitors such as “Undergrowth design” see

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Great Design Items

I wanted to share with you, a great gift I had at Christmas and those I bought for others. My husband likes to make my present a complete surprise so I usually have absolutely no idea whatsoever, which could be a bit worrying, like some random, on a whim present. He always pulls it off though! And it’s never what I think I might get! But I always really love it.

This was the gift of 2009, designed by Ramin Razani. Isn’t it great? Couldn’t have chosen better myself! You can see the site at: This one is part of the Zoo animals, wall collection.

Great Tins
I decided to shop more on-line this year as I’ve discovered so many gorgeous and talented designs out there and thought it would be interesting to get some things from other parts of the world.

Bought some great tins for my friend Carrey from an on-line shop called Blafre Design, in Norway. They also have a great blog here: for those of you who aren’t familiar with them.

The range has some wonderful stylised and colourful designs on tins, paper, cards and canvas, by the owners Ingrid and Remi, Perfect for children and for those of us who can never get enough tins, to fill with haberdashery items! The tins I ordered were very well made and the owners very thoughtfully gave me a booklet about their range and some free stickers, which are really nice. A fabric range is coming soon.

Recycled Card Toys
My other great finds were thanks to my Flickr friend Kay in Holland, whom I regularly swap style magazines with. She had sent a couple for me just before Christmas and there were some gifts featured which I liked, in Holland at I bought this wonderful Totem Tree for Indigo, my son and the City collection. Made from recycled card and printed with colourful and intriguing designs, fun to make, fun to play with and they look great displayed.

The Kidsonroof ‘Totem’ was chosen as one of TIME Style and Design’s Green Design100, it was also nominated as speciality Toy 2009 by the American Toy association. Check them out; they also have some large play houses and insects.

In case you’re all wondering why my blog updates have become less frequent, I’m in the process of moving house and to another country, so very stressful! not enough hours in the day! Bear with me over the next 4 weeks as I may not have complete access to the internet and will be busy looking for a home and unpacking!

New Feature on Boboho
Welcome to new followers and thanks to all readers for continuing to show interest in my blog. I will soon have 200 followers so my next post will give details of a celebratory ‘giveaway’. In the meantime, for those of you who are not yet familiar with my interiors site, we have a new house on there, which is kitsch delicious! See