Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Some of My Favourites from Vintage, Art and Design

Feeling more inspired than I have for a while, right now! Which is good. Probably because I’m looking for a holiday apartment to rent on the South coast of England, anyone know of a good one? It’s been a hard choice this year as there are many places I would like to visit but because I live in Denmark for now and am missing my home country more than ever, my choice is to be there. We’ll probably do a Brighton trip with a bit of surrounding areas thrown in as Brighton is one of my favourite cities in Europe and certainly the best in the UK in my mind.

It’s been a tough one though, with many of you taunting me with your recent pics of Cornwall and the lake district! That’s what I love about the UK, it’s very diverse, you can have lakes and mountains one minute, and a few hours later palm trees and white sand beaches!

Casper James
This post I’d like to share some of my favourite art, design and all things vintage.Kicking off with Brighton of course!! Those of you familiar with it will know that in the ‘North Laines’ area [shoppers paradise] there is an antique emporium, which is like a load of vintage and retro stalls under one roof. In there is a guy with great style called Casper James.

My lovely interior designer friend Ben, went along to meet him and photograph the stall for me, thanks Benji!

Look at the great range of stuff he sells! He customizes some of the pieces too, to give them a great new look. Casper, if you’re reading this, thank you and I’ll be visiting and no doubt purchasing when I’m in Brighton.

See Caspers flickr site here which also features some of his fantastic colourful artwork, very retro in style.

Zoe Rubens
Another favourite is Sculptor Zoe Rubens, who exhibited at our Gallery a couple of years ago. Zoe’s work is incredible, I think. She uses recycled pieces of metal to create the most gorgeous sculptures using techniques such as welding and soldering.

She exhibits regularly at a couple of London galleries as well as throughout the UK and can also work to commission.

Many pieces incorporate ceramic details, also made by Zoe and some are narrative based, using references to past stories or historical/ mythical beings.

She has a flikr site and a web site where you can view more of her work and see that she is also an accomplished print maker. Look at these lovely paper works. ‘I’m feeling really humble now Zoe, you are so talented’!

Nanna Ask
Last but not least, one of my favourite Artists, Nanna Ask from Denmark. I have this painting of hers, which we purchased the last time she exhibited here, a few years on, I still love its child like simplicity and humorous depiction. Its called ‘Repair Me’ directly translated, but I guess ‘make me better’?

She has a website, where you can read all about her and see many more paintings including an archive section where everything, including sold works are listed.

Denmark has a history of naïve painters and I think Nanna is one of the best contemporary naïve painters here in DK. The titles of her works touch a chord in you as they have a familiarity for all of us, especially those with children.

I like how she incorporates vintage wallpapers into her paintings and how she creates textures using acrylic, oil bars, crayons and pens.

Well, that’s all for now, hope you’re feeling inspired, I’ll be back next week to show you some pictures from the exhibition. Have a great and sunny week!


  1. i love the dresser and the dishes.

  2. What wonderful vintage goodies... and artwork!

    Christina :)

  3. I so enjoy your blog. And admire your work. Beautiful.

  4. I really am inspired. I just love your blog and your new banner is great. I can't wait for your next post.
    Sandie at Rag Rescue

  5. I adore casper james and have been in love with Nana Ask ever since I saw her painting in your house.
    corine@ hidden in france

  6. Thank you so much! I am now in love with Nanna Ask. I am so glad to have been introduced to her work! xo.

  7. I just added your blog to my list for the "One Lovely Blog" award. Please view

  8. Oh, gosh, this blog is heaven. Seriously! I'm following from now on. :)

  9. Massively inspired! I love Casper's work! Thanks so much for the link! xoxo

  10. Hi there...great you want to come over to Brighton...what sort of size of place are you looking for, for how many and when...I can keep my ears open if you like, and maybe you can pop in for tea... I've also given you an 'award' on my blog, but don't mind at all if you don't do anything with it!!!

  11. hey tracy! love that dresser!! have you checked VRBO(dot)com? that's 'vacation rentals by owner'. it's a great site that lists vacation rentals from all over the world. just click on europe and then narrow your search to england, then brighton, cornwall, cumbria where ever you want to go.
    also you posted a comment on my blog about gray walls, i think as long as you have a good quality gray paint in a shade that is not too brown or green or blue and the room you are painting has plenty of natural light you cannot go wrong with gray. even the darkest shades.