Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Recycled and Re-made

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine right now. I’m glad to say it has finally returned to Denmark after a very rainy June.

I have a couple of items of my own work to show you, thought I’d never get finished as I’ve been so far behind, but I’m happy with the results.

The chandelier will form part of a collaborative July exhibition at our Gallery. Most of the Artists exhibiting use vintage or recycle in some way; it’s very different from other stuff we’ve shown in the Gallery, so it may provoke some interesting reactions from the visiting Danes and foreign tourists.

I found this brass chandelier in a charity shop, looking like it had seen better days. I’ve used old quilt fabrics; I find that they have a lovely faded quality that I like. Went the whole hog on this one and decided to wrap the links of the chain with embroidery cotton and wool to tie the colours together. The only new item I’ve used are the wooden balls which again I wrapped to form decoration where you would normally have crystals on a glass chandelier. Added some paper mache flowers, some bias binding and some paint for the candlestick parts and ‘Voila’!

I secretly want to keep this one but I always feel like that when I finish a piece! I must get a grip, and sell it!

The lamp I’ve made for my own home using vintage silks I’ve had for many years.

I think it’s quite a fun piece now with the ribbons and the wrapping, and the light has a really warm tone when it’s on, so will be nice for cosy evenings.

I’m still playing around with ideas for the trimming, hence the pinned lace doilies!

Had some fun making some paper bowls last week, wanted a nostalgic feel so used vintage books and magazines with colours and text that was appropriate for the ‘feel’ of them.

Have just started a larger bowl to exhibit along with these and am experimenting with stitching some of them too.

Thanks everyone for continuing to follow my blog and for the lovely and sometimes funny comments you leave, they make me smile.

I’ll be back soon with some of my favourites in Art, Design and Vintage.


  1. All so very beautiful! Thank you for sharing your lovely work. The bowls are becoming a mini-obsession--I can't stop looking at them!

  2. I can understand you wanting to keep the chandelier - it's beautiful. Well done! The bowls are cute too.

  3. Brilliant! Love it all!!!

  4. The chandelier is brilliant...really lovely...and I also like the sharing of your eye amidst it all...I admire your showing of physical set backs alongside beautiful art!

  5. very playful & pretty designs!

  6. i love every single thing about every single thing you've mentioned and shown us here,
    though you didn't mention the drawers which i suspect are another genius string to your bow,which i love.....
    i love your work and glad to see your eye is/must be better .

  7. Hi Tracy! how are you????
    The bowls are beautifull
    The lamp is fantastic! congratulations!!!!

  8. Wow Tracy, you know I'm a fan.. but this chandelier is simply AMAZING!
    corine/hidden in france

  9. Wow! these are wonderful, especially the chandelier. So pleased that you are using recycled and vintage items. Keep up the good work.
    Sandie at Rag Rescue

  10. Every one of your designs is fabulous, light with whimsy, clever with sophistication and shows that you had lots of fun in its creation.

    It's such a pleasure to visit here. Cheers!

  11. Tracy, your work and photos are a true feast for the eyes. I know I've said it before but you are an inspiration lady.

  12. What a wonderful chandelier, and an imaginative and original way to give a brass one some personality. I wish it were mine.

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  14. love the chandeliers and the bowls are absolutely divine...

  15. Just found your blog, WOW your work is fabulous. It makes me smile. Love the chandelier

  16. Ofcourse you should keep the chandelier!
    Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka

  17. What a beautiful "make-up"! I invite you to look my own recycled portuguese chandelier at http://coisasdaluzinha.blogspot.com. Hope you enjoy it. Bye.

  18. I found your post while searching for lace doilies. The doilies on the lampshade are a cute idea. But what I love most about your ideas in this post is the bowl. That is too cute!
    Sandi's T's

  19. i so love it all-the bowls are divine..i can just see jewellery sitting in them...

  20. That lamp gave me an instant happy feeling! What a fantastic idea! And the bowls....love all of them but especially the one with the blue dots.

  21. that chandelier is to DIE! and I'm impressed that you avtually used your beloved oriental silks for something...I always hoard things (fabrics, trims, velvet flowers, etc) to use *someday* but can never seem to manage to actually do anything with them as I'm afraid I'll spoil their perfection :-)

  22. ooooh, I recognize the orange buttons used in the flowers. My mom had some of those in her button collection! Your work is beautiful!

  23. I just found your blog...and simply LOVES it!!!
    You are SO gifted and talented..!

    : )

    I really MUST try to do a makeover on a chandelier, I have one from IKEA that needs som new life...I think I will use papernapkins and make decoupage on it!

    Thanks for the inspiring idea!

    Hugs, Jenny


  24. Love the chandelier, it's beautiful! I'm about to make a lampshade myself and was wondering if it was ok to use the fabric on it's own, or does it need some sort of fire retardant stuff underneath? Would be grateful for your expert help!

  25. Jo, I don't use fire retardant fabric on the metal parts of the lamps and chandeliers but I would recommend that you use a fire retardant spray that is safe for fabrics, on any shades as they will get hotter.
    i found several good ones on the internet.